Care tip 1: Body Milk after showering

After showering it's a good idea to use a moisturizing Body Milk. Very dry, demanding skin requires intensive care with biologically active products after cleansing to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic.

Care tip 2: An invigorating shower

Start with hot water to relax and relieve muscular tension. Then switch to cold water to stimulate the circulation. This will close the pores and help to maintain the elasticity and resistance of the skin. Our recommendation: The hot stage should last around twice as long as the cold stage.

After towelling dry, apply Body Milk all over the body, massaging in gently. It will moisturize without leaving a greasy shine.

Care tip 3: A massage increases well-being

Regular massage has a very beneficial effect on your physical and emotional well-being. The deep-acting effect of massage is an important part of a complete body care routine.

Treatments with BIOKOSMA Body Oil / massage oil support your skincare routine, activate the circulation, relieve muscular pain and have a relaxing effect. During a massage, the skin can absorb important active ingredients. This promotes suppleness and vitality while making dry, brittle areas softer and more elastic.

Care tip 4: Apply Massage/Body Oil to damp skin

After a bath or shower, apply the high-quality massage oils to slightly damp skin and work in with gentle pressure towards the heart. Plant oils and essences create a soothing warmth as the skin is optimally nourished.

Care tip 5: Take care of your hands

Don't wash your hands in water that is too hot, and finish by rinsing briefly in cold water.

Always dry your hands thoroughly after contact with water.

Apply a strengthening product to the back of the hand and work in with the back of the other hand.

Rub any remaining product into the palms.

Strengthen the nails and nail bed with a nail cream. Ideally this should be used overnight as a strengthening treatment.

Care tip 6: Take care of your feet

Looking after your feet has a beneficial effect on the whole body. For example, try a refreshing foot bath. Start with a cool foot bath (at room temperature). Add BIOKOSMA Rosmarin Ölbad to your foot bath to make hot, sweaty feet feel fresh and light again. Our tip: Add a "hedgehog ball" or a few pebbles to the water and roll back and forth with your feet. This will energize you and promote all-over well-being. 

Revitalize your feet after your foot bath with cooling, moisturizing BIOKOSMA Fusspflegegel with menthol, peppermint and spruce oil. This gel is also good for preventing foot odour. Our tip: In the warm summer months, apply the refreshing foot care gel to the calves and ankles several times a day. BIOKOSMA Fusspflegegel can even be used under fine stockings.

This fast-acting energizing treatment gives you vitality and freshness in the blink of an eye.