Cooperation with Swiss water protection organisation Aqua Viva

BIOKOSMA and Aqua Viva are committed to clean water in our watercourses in the form of sponsorship of the River Limmat. Clear water = high water quality? Unfortunately not. For example, 30 billion microplastic plastic particles, invisible to human beings, pass under the Quaibrücke bridge in Zurich every day and are carried down the River Limmat. Sources include non-ecologically produced cosmetics. Microplastics and other invisible residues of cosmetics, detergents, medications and plant protection products threaten marine life and mankind. Together, BIOKOSMA and Aqua Viva are fighting the battle for less pollutants in our waters by using sustainable production processes, banishing ingredients that pollute the waters, undertaking environmental education and public relations work.

Natural waters are the life blood of our countryside. They are the habitat of many animal and plant species and have a magical attraction for people. Today, only around five percent of our water system is considered intact – no other habitat has suffered so much from human activity. Aqua Viva devotes itself entirely to the subject of water, to enable us to go on enjoying living streams, rivers and lakes in Switzerland in the future. For 60 years now, all its resources have gone towards protecting and revitalising our native water habitats. Aqua Viva inspires excitement about water among children, young people and adults and teaches the importance and fascination of these unique habitats along streams, rivers and lakes.

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